[Tutorial] How to support Jiyeon’s Solo Debut

Annyeonghaseyo Queen’s! This blog is dedicated for T-ara. Firstly, the reason why I make this blog is because people still believe of the bullying “hoax” that happened a few years ago.Ever since that incident, there are growing numbers of haters and more sadly, the barriers through which limited their success in becoming No.1 despite of their unique and eccentric concept. We as QUEEN’s should make a move to make T-ara’s dream become a reality and that is our mission. win It’s been a while since their last major debut in Korea and Jiyeon’s solo debut will be main determinant of other member’s solo debut as well as future group debut. We need to support Jiyeon’s solo debut as much as we can and together, we can make T-ara’s dreams and our dreams to become a reality.

There are ways we can support and to achieve our mission:~

Purchase of T-ara album (60%-70%)

albumAlbum sales are very important as this is to determine as to whether the agency will produce more copies, new albums and songs. This will heavily affects the Korea Music Chart.

You can Pre-order the albums here:


Physical Album:

Leesmusic l Applemusic l Synnara l Dvdheaven l YesAsia l Kpoptown

Digital Album:

MelOn l Bugs l Mnet l Soribada l Olleh l Monkey3 l Cyworld l Genie


Sadly, although album sales are very high in weightage, ANY albums that are bought outside Korea (Physical) , will not be counted. But not to worry international QUEENs. We can still do our part by voting via SNS, search engine and Music show voting, which are free^^


Searching for T-ara in Korea’s search engine will also affect the music chart. The percentage of the weightage varies with different website.The best time to make the searches is during the first week of the release of MV, albums or songs.

Search Engine

Websites and the How-to’s:










LINK :   http://www.melon.com/static/cds/main/web/main_list.html

-MelOn is the Korea’s biggest music portal and 10% of these searches will be counted in show music SBS! INKIGAYO




Searches through this website will be counted for MUSIC BANK



LINK :     http://www.mnet.com/chart/TOP100/

A 3 in 1 voting. Searches through this website will be counted for MCOUNTDOWN, MUSIC BANK & INKIGAYO. This is the recommended website to make your searches ^^



LINK :     http://www.ollehmusic.com/#/ollehmusic_main.asp

10% will be counted to MUSIC BANK



LINK :       http://www.soribada.com/#/



LINK :     http://music.naver.com/



LINK :       http://www.naver.com/

8 NATE nate

LINK     :         http://www.nate.com/


SORIBADA,Nate, Naver and NaverMusic searches will be counted in INKIGAYO. As of Naver and NaverMusic, one needs to sign up a new account before searching.

How to search:

1) Using the word  “T-ARA” or “티아라” or the title of the song (in Eng. or Korean).  Example: To search for Jiyeon solo debut, type in “1MIN1SEC’, “1분1초1” ,“지연” or “지연 1분1초” .

2) Click search

3) Click the link of the article ( choose accordingly, but mostly likely its in the first result)

4) Stay in that website for at least 2 minutes and to make other searches counts, erase your browser history of your visit of the article

5) You can use any internet browser ( Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera ) with Mozilla Firefox as an exception.


IMPORTANT: As i have already mentioned earlier, the best way to make your searches is the second after MV or album is released, comeback or during music shows.

Voting via SNS (10%-35%)

This is eligible for both international and local Queens.

SNS votes includes:

1)Watching videos from official websites

2) Number of MV viewers. The number of views will affect 10% of Social media Score (Youtube+Twitter), Show! Music Core (Must be viewed from official channel). Inkigayo 35% SNS score (Youtube+ twitter, uses Gaon’s Social Chart Rankings)

3) Official MV from CCM or KTMusic(So make sure to subscribe to those channels^^

Making your views count(Youtube):

-make sure you are on your account

-MV must be watched without pausing the video

-Do NOT refresh the page nor raping the replay button! Page must be closed and open a new page instead. Delete your browser history and cookies every 10 repititions.

4) Watching Live Performance Video

-Like,favorite, share or comment on the video

-Make sure to watch the full video without pausing (Unless if lag ><)

-Views are still counted if video is replayed provided that History of browser needs to be erased.

-DO not reupload( This is to prevent people whom don’t know which sites is the official one from watching from other sources)


Livestream websites:

M!COUNTDOWN: Streaming every thursdays 6-7.30 pm (KST)

INKIGAYO: Streaming every sundays 3.50PM (KST)

5) Social Media

-Twitter:Retweeting tweets from CCM that is related to T-ara ( @COREMIDAS ) & Trending Topic such as  #jiyeon1min1sec #Jiyeon1분1초 #지연1분1초 plus retweeting the hashtags ( Do not use more than 1 hashtag )

-Facebook: Like or comment at posts made by Official websites

-Creating Tumblr and Instagram account with T-ara pics & videos

Online Voting


Voting pages:


Korean: http://mcountdown.interest.me


  • Must create account before voting
  • Each account can only vote twice
  • Every IP address can only hold 10 accounts ( More if you can change your IP  address)
  • Those who wants to have multi-IDs, must use different ID names ( Bad Example: Tiara1, Tiara2,…)
  • Can use FB or Twitter account to vote
  • Voting time starts at 11.00 am(KST) to 9.00am(KST)


  • Vote through Melon
  • Eligible for 3 votes per day
  • Must sign up to vote . Click here for the tutorial


  • Voting through MBC website
  • Account needed. Tuturial for sign up is here
  • Voting open at Wednesdays 10.00am (KST) to Thursday 12.oopm(KST)


  • To vote, you need to download a mobile app M&TV Talk (엠앤TV톡)
  • Steps to how to use the app can be searched online ^^,

Live SMS Voting SMS voting is held during the live performance. MC will occasionally tell when fans can vote.

For international fans, you can vote via smsrr or e-freesms


  • Vote T-ara only if they are nominated to top 3
  • To vote, type 티아라 and SMS to +820505 or 00820505 (SMS to 0505 if you live in Korea)

Show! Music Core

  • Only can vote if they are nominated to top 3
  • To vote, type 티아라 and SMS to +820505 or 00820505 (0505 for Korea)


  • Vote when top 3
  • Type 티아라 and SMS to +821245 or 00821245 (1245 For Korea)
  • Vote weightage is 10%

Thank you fellow QUEENS for reading and pordon me for the asldfgvbaslivja long blog XD. Hope with this knowledge, we as QUEENS can do our part in making our dreams and T-ara’s dream to win and to be top in rankings. We all do missed the times of T-ara crying of happiness and not cry due to sadness! That’s all i have for now. Continue to strive and Hwaiting Queen’s.

By the way this post is from @prettybabyji that i’ve been request to translate. Due to my schedule, I may make some mistakes ><. Any further updates will be made in the future^^

Please share, re-post, re-blog .etc.

To see the original blog in Indo, please click this link

Translated by: @Jiyeonista


10 responses to “[Tutorial] How to support Jiyeon’s Solo Debut

  1. I hope . T-ara will be the winner .
    I will support them and make t-ara’s dream will be come true .yeayy

  2. Thank That u make This BLOG FOr queen.T ara is winner and jiyeon is the best solo artist 🙂

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