Interative Horror fanfic (T-ara)

“Riddle: Who is the real psycho?”

They call us a P.S.Y.C.H.O (Diary Ver.)


In this fanfic there will be 6 possible real psychoes. (….) The one that you’ve guessed will define something about you. So decide wisely…There is no right or wrong

1.) Hunger

My name is Jiyeon. I’m 13  years old and I REALLY love to eat food^^. Food is like my life for me. In the morning I could go through 17 ramyun cups like it was nothing. At school I’d wolf down 4 trays of what the school was serving for lunch and that’s not all! I would also packed food on my way home, which could easily feed 4 people. I never gained weigh from eating a lot of food so I thought it I had a gift. I couldn’t remember a single day that I was not allowed to eat, until that day…

It was a Friday morning at around 10 am, when my mom walked into my room. I awoke only to see a very nervous look drawn clearly upon her face, which had me a little worried. My mom usually made this face when she taught something was not right. “Jiyeon, we need to go visit the doctor.” Mom said in a low tone. I want to ask her why, but I didn’t get the chance for my mom had already left the room.

I then slowly got out of bed, changed into my day clothes and headed straight for the kitchen. My mind was already set on breakfast. As soon as I arrived at the kitchen I heard my mom say this to me

“Do not eat anything” … And nothing more.

“Omma I’m really really hungry though.” I complained. I really was starving. I needed to eat something to make it go away. “I said NO.” Mom growled at me. I couldn’t tell if she was in a bad mood, or…scared. I didn’t want to know, I followed mom out to the car and we headed out to the hospital without eating breakfast.

I never liked going to the hospital, the sight of patients slowly dying on the hospital beds was depressing for me to witness. If I was going to die, I didn’t want to suffer through it at the hospital because of that guy vomiting blood after eating that blue pill.

“Omma”, I began to speak as she proceeded to check me in, “ Why are we here?” Mom ignored my question and advanced to this, weird room with scary chairs along the corridor.

While sitting on the bench, with no response coming out from her. “Where is this place? Why do you ignore me? Say something” I said while feeling horrified. Soon my name is called which can heard by the old speaker.

[to be edited…]



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