T-ara – SugarFree music review

Once again, T-ara is collaborating with the almighty Shinsadong Tiger to produce another hit songs to save Kpop / … For the better or for the worst of course.  As usual, using their prime weapon, which is their music, T-ara will be releasing a song with “Big Room / EDM” genre in which when it is first heard, it isn’t a really good idea because in a typical clubbing music, almost 80% of the song will be pure sound and adding vocal or singing while the music drops isn’t that appealing.

Screenshot (1974)

Other than that, this time, CCM is not planning to attract potential older fans (eg, Roly Poly,Lovey Dovey, Do you Know Me) and instead, they are probably attracting EDM musicians and youth of similar interests. I can assume that this song serves to make a transition of mixing EDM and Kpop world together and SugarFree will be one of the examples.  

Anticipate SugarFree remixes everywhere from now on~

Music analysis (EDM edit)

SugarFree PROVES that it is possible to make a song out of a club song. That being said, there is still a something that feels lacking and of course something that are really amazing

In the first part of the music, it’s the usual T-ara beat ( Or farting sound or so they call it ), and right after that, the Big Room beats comes in immediately which is quite interesting because in most of the kpop songs and even typical EDMs, they usually have some transition like for example snares and even a build-up but instead, it immediately transits to a Big Room sound.

Though it seems awkward, but it really gives the “BOOM” or the hype factor to the music, every person who is listening to SugarFree for the first time will know what I’m talking about.

After the big room transition, there goes the build-up. The build-up can be heard in a typical EDM music and adding some raps makes us anticipating the drop badly.

As for the drop, I really like it!  It is like a mix of Sexy Love + Number 9, and has a Lovey Dovey feeling to it.

Right after the epic drop, here is what I find interesting. It really feels like a different song now, which turns off some people. Maybe this is the part where it tells a story ( In most Kpop music, in my view, changes their tempo and tone to portray feelings and meaning towards the story of the music, more on that in MV analysis).

Chorus part, one of the best parts in the song. I like the huge snare sound just before the chorus because it really gives the song more energy and it is really complementing the song. Other than that, it really gives the T-ara feeling to it although the music genre itself is conquering the whole song.

Vocal wise, Soyeon really sings differently now and I kind of like this style of her singing. Qri and Boram singing exchangably really gives the song more in depth flavor to it. Their voices do complement each other ^^ As for EunMinYeon, I would say that their rap is so **** epic!

All and all this edit, I assume, is really stimulating the ears of the listeners

*MV review/analysis coming soon ^^ So stay tune !


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